9 leaf with no humic
9 leaf no humic
7 leaf no humic - Twin row
7 leaf no humic – Twin row
8 leaf with humic places 2x2 and in strip till showing significant root development
8 leaf with humic placed 2×2 and in strip till











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Organic Matter, Humus, Humate, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Humin: Their Importance in Soil Fertility and Plant Health – Dr. Robert E. Pettit – Emeritus Associate Professor Texas A&M University

Nitrogen vs Carbon – New and Important Information – Joel C. Reid – Mesa Verde Resources


Lawn that was sprayed with fulvic acid before grass seed was broadcast onto tilled dirt. The picture above shows what was not sprayed vs what was sprayed. The picture was taken 6 weeks after application.