Humic acid (HA)= Soil Health

Humic substance – ” an organic residue of decaying organic matter”

Most topsoils have been robbed of humic substances over time from wind and water erosion due to tillage practices.  According to Dr. Robert E. Pettit, “A healthy fertile soil must contain sufficient carbon containing compounds to sustain the billions of microscopic life forms required for a fertile soil and a healthy plant. A living soil is a fertile healthy soil.”1

Benefits of HA

  • Serves as a buffer to neutralize both acidic and alkaline soils
  • Induces high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) ensuring retention of nutrients for uptake by roots
  • Improves both the update and retention of vital nutrients namely N, P, K, Ca, and Mg
  • Reduced volatility of nitrogen fertilizer
  • Accelerates decomposition of residue
  • Soils become more friable or crumbly – breaks up hardpan
  • Increase water holding capacity
  • Increase aeration of soil
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Protect soil in hot weather and keep it cooler
  • Increase microbial activity in soil
  • Increased root mass


Not all HA’s are the same 

In regards to sources of humic acid Dr. Robert E. Pettit states that “The quality and value of any mined humate or humic acid product depends on many different factors. A good humic material can be destroyed by improper mining or processing, thus not all commercially marketed humic substances are equal in quality. It is very difficult for individuals purchasing a HA to tell the difference between a high quality humic substance and a low quality humic material, without laboratory tests.”2

  • Always ask for a certificate of analysis! With no C of A you have no proof of what you are using.
  • Ask if it is extracted or from a wettable powder- do you prefer “brewed” tea or a powder mixed tea? (ours is NOT a powder)
  • What is the pH? The higher the pH, the better it plays with others when mixed.
  • Is it a TRUE humic acid or just a product with some humic in it? (ours has no added fillers)

Dr. Pettit says it best, “The real test of any humic product is in the field.”2


Ha-Fa has what your SOIL has been missing!